About Us

Tucker is an integrated solution provider for all pipeline and facility maintenance, and our diversified suite of solutions includes integrity maintenance, cathodic protection, measurement and automation, operations and maintenance compliance, GIS, and control room operations. We maintain, repair, and operate pipelines and facilities with a passion for safety and a commitment to building enduring relationships with customers across the United States.

Our Values

We strive for excellence in all we do to serve our employees, customers, and communities. Our stakeholders are our partners and can expect a consistent level of top quality service and support from us.


We are honest in our dealings with co-workers, customers, suppliers and our shareholders. Integrity is a requirement of working at Tucker - if you aren’t honest, you can’t work here. Period.


We view our stakeholders as partners. We are committed to being the highest quality, most productive energy services provider in the industry. Our focus on accountability, innovation and delivering on our promises makes Tucker the provider of choice for our customers and the employer of choice for energy services employees.


Each of us is committed to a zero accident culture. We require our employees to work safe without exception or excuses.

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